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StayCMS is a high performance, open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create and maintain dynamic web sites. StayCMS is a pioneer is NoSQL hosting.

It's all Yours

Edit and add content through a secure panel without special technical knowledge. It is simple to set up, and your sites functionality can be limitlessly extended through the addon/plugin system (its PHP). There are also many themes to choose from. It is easy to make your existing website into a StayCMS one.

Say "NO Way" to 'shared' hosting

Can you imagine hosting companies still offer this fundamentally insecure service?

Shared hosting is full of security risks. These risks cannot be minimized even with the best of efforts. Yet this service is offered by some of the biggest names in domain registration, hosting, and internet services. Shared hosting is when you share your web site hosting with potentially 1000s of strangers on the same computer server. Most lower priced hosting products are shared hosting, but not here. We do NOT offer any shared hosting product. No matter how much you can control what you run on your website, with shared hosting, you can't control what your 'neighbors' are doing with their site. It is likely many of them are running out of date, unpatched versions of php software to run their site. Even one line of code can put your at extreme risk of unauthorized access. This is why we offer powerful VPS hosting at a lower price than what most charge for absurdly insecure shrared hosting.

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StaySearch web index has been launched. An experiment with MongoDB.

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